Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Girly girls? Um.... yeah.... about that...

Well... I simply "planned" on having all boys!

I mean, those of you that know me know that I am NOT a girly girl. Surely God would give all the girl babies to those who know how to French braid (it was the THING when I was a kiddo!), and paint pretty toe nails, and put on make up, and have awesome hair, and those with great fashion sense, right?!?!

It appears not!

If my girls had curly hair than MAYBE we'd have a fighting chance... but I apologize to my girls, in advance, for their lack of cool hair up-dos in the future!

Hair has typically been one of those "throw up my hands and shake my head" type situations in our home. I, for one, have had my FAIR share of terrible "yeah, I know how to cut curly hair... trust me" hair cuts. Gracious, I should have pretty much filled my life quota by now! 

And then our girls are known for being bald till, say ohhhhh, the age of two! Even when their lovely locks do come in... I'm still at a loss!

But maybe, just MAYBE, there's hope for my offspring after all.

You see... when Alia does her own hair, it looks a whole lot better than when her mama attempts at it!

You think I'm kidding, don't ya!?!

What can I say? In my defense... the clothes pins were within arms reach!!! :)

* * * * Oh yeah, and P.S. I wouldn't trade my girls for anything! * * * * 

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