Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Future Photographer

Well... I'm admitting it. I thought that by getting a nice new fancy schmancy DSLR camera, I would instantly (and magically!!) be a better photographer. HA. HA. HA. After like 1 day, I realized that's not even close to the truth... and that being a good photographer is a lot harder than it looks!

It's coming up on a year since I got my D90... and I really should be taking better pictures than I currently am. I have spent the last few weeks super FRUSTRATED at the photos I'm producing... and have resolved to actually saddle up and get on the horse. No more standing on the fence, or occasionally feeding the critter... I need to "cowgirl up" and go for a good long gallop.

That being said... I have two kids. And a house to take care of. And laundry to fold. And meals to make. And a big ole pile of dishes that just NEVER seems to go away! And upcoming Bible studies and... yeah, ya'll know how life goes! So I'm not exactly sure what this whole "riding" thing will look like... but my desire is to put more energy into becoming a "photographer" than I have up to this point.

That being said... I am NOT willing to spend ALL my time editing photos. I am simply choosing to NOT make room for that in my day! My aim is to take a decent picture (correct exposure, correctly balanced, good composition) and then edit as little as possible (the same goal as I'm sure every other photographer has!!). If it's not perfect... than c'est la vie... my goal is to simply improve. I am realizing that I will not (magically!) get better overnight. But... I'm willing and wanting to learn... a lot!

So... I think this is going to be really hard. And I'm tempted to never post a picture on here again. BUT I'm remembering why I do this whole blog thing... it's not to "showcase my work"... it's to keep our family and friends connected with us. Simple as that!

Thank you (in advance, maybe!) for your encouragement... and for journeying with me in this huge learning curve!

OKAY! Now on to the REAL STORY!

If I can't learn to take a good picture, than at least Alia's got my back!

Let me give you a glimpse of her new prized "camera!"

She has a studio and everything... and a model who's more than willing to cooperate, for say... at LEAST a good 5 seconds or so!

"Say CHEESE!!!!!!" ... she's heard that a time or two in her little life! And, in her mind, no shutter button can be pressed without those two words!

Looking into her camera to see if the picture is okay!

Apart from getting a huge kick out of watching our "future photographer"... I'm pleased that my tripod is getting way more use than I've ever given it! I have no doubts that Alia will be showing me a thing or two in this little journey I'm on!

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  1. Hi Renee,

    Your last blog topic was perfect, just what i wanted to talk to You about.
    Would you like to take some engagement pictures?
    (my little sister is getting married) and You take really awesome pictures!!!