Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow Mobiling Club

Today Larren officially became a member of the Kreiser Snow Mobiling Club. And she is our youngest member on record, I might add! She just barely squeaked in under the year mark, at 364 days old!

I'll be honest... Jon and I have had our doubts! She hasn't really been a fan of the snow, or the cold, or the wind, or the heavy jackets, or the... Anyhow, we've been a little concerned that maybe she wouldn't be a winter lovin' Canadian, after all!

BUT - today she proved us wrong! It's not that she doesn't like winter, per say... it's just that all this time we've been moving too SLOW for the poor girl! Wagon rides, sleigh rides, a jaunt around the block... FORGETABOUTIT! She needs to feel the wind blow through her hair... I mean toque... or if you're in the states... I mean winter hat!

Daddy tried his best to get a nice, hearty wave out of the girl... but she was too focused on how this fang dangled machine worked to care about the crazy camera lady!

And they're off...

There was no taking it easy for this first timer... Daddy wanted to break her in good and proper.

So far things are looking good...

... so they're off for more!

And yes... I do look that funny with my camera... really! :)

Can ya tell Jon's pleased as punch in this picture? He had just asked Larren if she was all done or if she wanted more... she kept signing more, more, more as fast as her little mittened hands could manage!!!! :)

This time they decided to leave the yard and step it up a notch or two. They went to see and pet the horses, went up the "big hill" behind our house a time or two, cruised the streets of our small little village, and found as much deep snow as possible... giving our current mid winter thaw situation!

Needless to say Larren was a little shocked when she came in from her ride.

Shocked that we've been keeping this wonderful secret from her for so long? Shocked at the new speed of which she could fly? Shocked at the shear height of the hill she scaled in mere seconds? We're not sure... and well, she's not exactly saying!

All I know is, the overall reaction was good and that she was not too impressed that her sister was suited up and ready to take her place!

Here's a picture of the whole club on Larren's initiation day.

Sometime I'll get around to becoming a member too... though it most likely won't be until AFTER the kiddos have sleds of their own, to ride laps around their mama on! It's all part of the job, I guess! Somebody has to hold down the WARM fort, bundle up the kiddos in their WARM snow gear, point and wave out the window from inside the WARM house, and get the WARM hot chocolate ready! Are ya seeing a trend here?!?! :)

**A FEW of you (I repeat and emphasize the word FEW!) may have noticed the snow mobile upgrade. Jon has bought and sold seven sleds (with that number going up at a continuous rate!) so far this winter, and this sled just happened to be the one parked behind the house! It too will probably move on down the road yet... but it's serving us nicely in the mean time. Yes, the word "us" is used very loosely here!

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