Monday, February 14, 2011

Percy with a P

So... I am NOT a stuffed animal person. Not. Not. Not. They're okay in moderation... but moderation is the very key factor here! I have a history of slipping unused stuffed animals into the Thrift store pile when the girls aren't looking... and then pretending I'm just as confused as they are when we can't seem to find them. Just bein' an honest mom here!

That being said... our girls each have night time stuffed animal friends that CAN NOT disappear. I tell ya... those little friends are both a blessing and a curse! Alia and Larren look SO forward to cuddling with their little dudes at bedtime... BUT if they aren't there, well... there's tears!

I'm sure most of you are acquainted with Alia's "Lukey" by now...

**here's Lukey on a VERY special outing to the zoo... considering he rarely sees the light of day, this is momentous indeed!*

...but Larren too has a new BFF.

So... without further ado... let me introduce to our newest feathered family member!


That's him. He's quite on the... uhh... "homely" side, isn't he? I can't say he's what I would have chosen... at all... but that's okay, because Larren chose him and she loves him to the moon and back... sad yellow eyes and all!

He came into our lives quite by accident!

We were walking through Kohl's... okay, clarification... I was shopping and JON and the GIRLS were walking through Kohl's... trying to stay entertained for "just one more minute!"... when Jon spotted a display of these little green suckers. He thought, "Why not... desperate times call for desperate measures (clothes shopping is definitely in Jon's "desperate times" list!!)... I'll just let Larren carry him around for a couple minutes!"

I should mention that Larren has not been attached to ANYTHING up to this point in her life... so it seemed relatively harmless. But... she lo-o-o-o-o-ved the thing. Loved it. And since the price tag was a measly $2, and since we still had another 4 1/2 hours to travel, and since it would at least keep Larren entertained to some degree... we thought it was a good purchase!

Well... the rest is history. Percy has been by her side every night since. And I have to tell ya... it gets a little R rated sometimes. When Larren gives Percy a kiss/kisses.... I almost feel like I'm seeing something I shouldn't be! Like I should turn away or give them some privacy or leave the room... I dunno!!

She was THRILLED when Percy was able to come downstairs on Valentine's day... she introduced him to the family, they shared their first meal together, Larren was able to see him dressed up a bit... it really made their relationship even stronger!

So... he's here to stay it seems. And I'm just glad we were able to get our hands on 3 more of those cheap little discontinued suckers. Let's just say that Percy has a much needed "bird bath" coming up next week and I'm not 100% sure how that's gonna pan out!


  1. Try to alternate the washing cycles so they all get the same wear. That was a neat pointer from one friend who has a stash of monkeys she keeps in her laundry room and switches them around when her son isn't looking. ;)

  2. How did Percy and Lukey get their names?

  3. Percy... well, we just kept throwing names out there and getting feedback from Alia (since Larren wasn't saying much at the time!). One of our books has "Percy the Pig" in it and Alia liked that name right off the hop... so Percy was the final answer!

    Lukey... well, he comes all the way to us from Germany! A friend gave him to me... and since I already had a giraffe named "Bo", "Luke" just seemed to be the best fit! (I'm a big fan of the Dukes of Hazzard!) And then when Alia started taking a fancy to him... Luke needed softened a bit, so it became Lukey!