Friday, February 18, 2011

Our "Free" Morning in a Nutshell

Today we were planning to head to a wonderful friend's house for the morning/afternoon... but they were a bit under the weather, so some rescheduling was in order. Thus... we ended up with a "free day" on our hands. And yes, I realize that as a stay at home mom most days have the potential to be "free days"... but the reality is... they seldom are! There's always a big ole' to do list that needs to be plunked away at.

But, not today. Today is about having fun. That's it. The only item on the to do list. Maybe we'll sprinkle in some laundry and some kitchen work for good measure... but just a dash!

Our "free" morning... in a nut shell.

- Breakfast.

- A swift dance around the kitchen to one of the girls favorite praise/worship CD's.

- A trip to the basement for some swinging / teeter tottering / car racing / tricycle riding fun... with a sprinkle of laundry and a hint of folding!

- Bedtime for the little one & movie time for the big one...

- Larren and I's attempt at matching the self portraits that Alia and I took the other day...

I can't say ANY of them are worthy of... well, anything... but were entertaining none the less!

- A little lunch of requested mac and cheese followed by some sisterly lovin'...

mac and cheese just brings out the love in everyone, I tell ya! ;)

- Off to the "lidig woom" for some play time...

- First up... "2nd lunch" prep and delivery!

- A balloon toss

- Alia's first up do with short hair...

with a bit of help from little sister!

- A train race (with a dramatic opening song from a talented little musician!)

and the inevitable road block!

- A new game I made up called "Couch Crouch", where we see how many toys we can find under the sofa... :)

- A little spinning action on the Sit and Spin...

- An easel raid... though the striped pants are a dead giveaway as to who the "lone raider" might be!

- A quick horse ride to the mountains and back...

- and a little story (or two!) to cap off the morning before nap time.

The girls are officially sawwing logs as I type... I'm having some down time... and we're all super excited that daddy will be joining the fun in a couple of hours.

*Sigh* I am SO blessed to be here, warm at home, with my girls, just doing what we do... Tinkerbell PJ's (til supper time) and all!

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  1. Just smiling at you and your girls! You're looking fabulous and it's good to hear that all is well!