Friday, February 4, 2011

If Ya Can't Find Larren...

.... she's probably here.

Chillin' in her new favorite spot!

This is "the kids drawer" with all their plates, cutlery, bibs, cloths, and the like. It's down low so Alia can help set the table, put away her dishes, etc... but in Larren's mind there just HAD to be a better use for it!

She likes to relax in there... babbling away at anyone who walks by!

Discovering "treasures" whenever there's a lull in the action.

Oh look! Here comes big sister to see what all the ruckus is about...

and to lend a "helpful" hand... or foot, I should say!

This is Larren's "crinkle face"... and in full crinkle, it really is the cutest thing. Mid crinkle - well, maybe not AS high on the cuteness scale, but a 5 none the less!

Larren's even "added on" to her pad... and to the amount of trouble she gets into!

The new hang out is great and all... a number of memories made thus far... it's just, well... the exit is a little something to be desired!

I am not exactly sure how the drawer will hold up to the extra 20 lbs... but apart from that wear and tear, what a WONDERFUL little discovery! I've been able to get several things done in the kitchen while Larren relaxes! And that, my friends... is a good find in my books!

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