Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jon has been gone all weekend...

... picking up our "as-close-to-a-dream-vehicle-as-we're-gonna-get-right-about-now" from out west. (A Ford Expedition!)

And... I was dreading this weekend VEDY VEDY much.
And... it's been a better weekend than I ever thought it would be.
And... I'm so super blessed by our friends-turned-family that have made us feel extra loved while Jon's been away.
And... I'm really spoiled (and GLAD!) that Jon is a dad/husband who's home alot.
And... he's bringing a "surprise visitor" with him. Okay, okay... it's his mom... but, sshhhhhh.... don't tell Alia!

Can I just say that I am SO SO SO SO HAPPY that my mother in law is coming?! My whole week looks bright and sunny due to that little fact! :)

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