Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Wonder Wuss

I've mentioned that I'm not a huge fan of winter, right? Oh.. really, I've left that out of our conversations? Huh. Well, I'm really, really not a snow lover! Yeah, yeah... it's beautiful for like a month or so... and then it's time to move on! Pronto!

But the sad reality is, I live in the prairies of Canada where winter is like 6 months out of the year. AND... I happen to have a cute little 2 year old who lo-o-o-ves the stuff. So, it is out of pure GUILT that I bundle up both girls and myself, in more layers than we can count, just so we can trek around in the fluffy whiteness for a couple minutes! That and the fact that it gets me off the hook for a day or two!! Okay, okay... and I just CAN NOT resist how stinking cute kids look when they are trying to walk (or crawl) in their crazy amounts of snow gear. UGH, it melts me every time!

Larren is the innocent one in our snow escapades... she just kinda gets drug into it, whether she wants to or not!

On most occasions, she's really not too sure what's going on. And, I have to say... I know the feeling!

Though, the other day she did figure out that she could CRAWL in her pink marshmallow suit... and me oh my, I could have just gobbled her up right then and there. A-DORABLE.

Picture this with me if you will. Her little tiny, pink padded bum wiggling along as fast as she can possibly muster... just so she can be close to the action. Too, too, too cute. (I had one of those "I hope I never, ever forget this moment" kind of moments!)

But, seconds later, she realized there are slippery spots... and that snow is cold... and that there's a warmer, comfier place within feet of her...

and Mommy was oh so happy to oblige in taking her there! :)

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  1. I can totally relate to that feeling! I sadly have not taken Kailey out to play, tho we have gone to get the mail. I miss summer! I thing it should be longer! :)