Friday, January 14, 2011

On The Search...

As a number of you know, we have been on the look out for a country property... for, ummmm, awhile now!

We have enjoyed renovating our place. We have enjoyed discovering our likes and dislikes in a home. We have enjoyed our neighbors and the family that they have become. We have enjoyed the "community country life" and we are actually looking for the same type of property again... just a little bigger on both the land and house side! Don't get me wrong, our place has served us well... but it's time to move on!

So we put together an "ideal house list" and are praying that the Lord will bring the right house along.

In our area country properties are a bit hard to come by. The cheap properties are a plane ride from town. The expensive ones are, well... normal! Sadly there isn't an in between! That being said... we believe that the Lord desires more for His children than being tied down by money and mortgages... and it's nice to have some freedom there. So... what's the answer?!?!

Thankfully we have a really good realtor, and a really good God who knows our hearts desires.

It will be VERY VERY hard to leave our place. (In some ways... in other ways I won't take a second glance!) But, I'm realizing that in order to have a change... we need to make a change.

So... we would covet your prayers as we are looking and as we make a decision. A bazillion questions swirl through my head about "is this the right choice"... but I am trusting God to clarify and confirm! And praising Him that He has given me a wise, hardworking, gifted husband to hold my hand through it all!

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