Monday, January 31, 2011

Locks No Longer

Last week, while on a special date with Mommy, Alia got her first hair cut!

Now... ya gotta remember a couple things...

one - my girls have been baldies for the majority of their little lives
two - it takes a good LONG while for their hair to grow even the slightest 1/2 inch
three - the only time Alia's hair has seen scissors is when I tried trimming her bangs... which resulted in a slightly Amish look for the next few weeks!

In light of these three facts, I was quite reluctant about cutting Alia's golden locks! But her do had started taking on a little "mullety" approach and I wasn't a big fan... so it was time to take action!

Things started out positively with toys in the waiting area...

a super friendly hairdresser...

and a tractor/race car seat that Alia could "drive" in!

She made herself comfy in no time!

She wasn't so sure about "her hair getting a bath without her clothes getting wet"...

but soon thought it was a pretty funny concept!

She paid VERY close attention to what the hairdresser was doing...

down to every brush stroke and snip!

The first cut of many...

Nearing the end...

Alia was pleased as punch!

What started out positively... ended... EVEN BETTER when Alia was asked if she wanted sparkles in her hair and her pick of FREE nail polish!

We had one super happy girl on our hands!!

It has taken Jon and I awhile to get used to Alia's new locks... but, we're getting there! It's just that her little "baby curls" are gone... and it's shorter than I thought it would be... and she looks so grown up... and... and, well, this growing up stuff is hard enough as it is!


  1. Awww - that's a very cute "DO" for Alia! but she does look more grown up....bitter sweet... Very pretty!

  2. Another memory maker! Thanks for sharing! Amazing how one haircut can change that baby face into a little girl! So cute!

  3. Wow! Could she get any cuter? I didn't think so but...WOW! However, you're right, she does look a little too grown up. That is sad.