Friday, January 7, 2011

Noodles in the Making

Since some friends of ours gave us 6 dozen eggs... and since Jon and Arnie were out working on all things motorized... and since we wanted to be productive while we chit chatted... my mother-in-law and I decided that making noodles would be a good way to spend our Christmas Eve Eve.

In theory it was... but goodness, things didn't quite go as we thought they would!

Problem # 1 - we didn't realize that yes... in fact noodles CAN have too much flour in them! Who would have thought?

Problem # 2 - trying to make 6 batches with 2 kids under foot. You see, life happens, and noodles get put on the back burner... and they don't like being left by themselves for too long. They get too stiff, too fast, thus making it next to impossible to put them through the noodle maker! So we bi passed the flattening attachment and went straight to the handy dandy rolling pin. Even with all the elbow grease we could muster we still had a hard time getting them flat enough!

Problem # 3 - If the noodles won't go through the flattening part of the noodle maker, than they will definitely NOT go through the cutting attachment!

So... we ended up cutting a lot of them by hand. First we used a small knife... and then, by the end, figured out than a longer knife made for easier cutting!

We did manage to get about 1/2 of them through the cutter... and it is quite visible, to the naked eye, which were which!

Jeannette and I have both made noodles on numerous occasions, but this was a memorable event indeed!

Lesson learned... with kids around, smaller batches are better!

Thankfully the company was good, we got LOTS of conversation time in, and we have a good supply of noodles in the freezer for some yummy chicken noodle soup!

** Okay... so quick vote. How many of you have had beef/chicken and noodles served on or with mashed potatoes and corn?

That was our Christmas Eve meal... and up to this point the massive amounts of carbs in one meal has never crossed my mind - that's just what we grew up with. But wowsers... ya can't get more "carby" than that! It's good... but not for the faint hearted! My Canadian family was just in shock when I told them you can buy that meal from the band tent at the county fair!! :)

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