Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Eager Easel Beaver

My parents keep gift giving simple... which I really appreciate! The girls each got a new toy, a new outfit, and a new easel as a "combo" gift! And although the easel is meant to be used (and shared!) by both kids... Alia has laid more claim to it than Larren has, though not for lack of trying on Larren's part!

We set up the easel for the first time after supper and Alia was camped there until bedtime. Nothing short of a landslide could have distracted her!

She had "cwafs" that needed to be finished, after all!

The next morning she was up and at 'em... willing to skip breakfast, just so she could carry on with her crafting spree!

It didn't take long before the little eager easel beaver took notice of the new craft center!

Fascination was quickly replaced with...

... hands on learning!

Big sister was quick to bring the little eager easel beaver some other fascinating toys to gnaw on for a couple of minutes!

Every morning... seconds after her breakfast is gobbled up, Alia can be found at her desk/easel!

And... leave it to beaver, she'll be there ready to "work" in no time!

On this particular morning...

big sister thought she could "trick" the sly little beaver...

by simply moving everything to the opposite side of the work station!

But she's persistent, that little one...

... she'll be back! Busy beavers can't stay idle for too long!

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  1. Renee, that is too funny! I cant wait to see what Kailey's reaction is when Carter stars moving and getting into her stuff! :) Kailey would love something like that. When I sew she will come sit down with me and ask for a scissor and something to cut! :)