Friday, January 14, 2011

A Little Bit of Little Larren...


  1. Those guys better start looking for a really big stick to beat the boys off! That girl has such gorgeous eyes!

  2. what camera did you have and what do you have now? What were the pros and cons that you found. I would love to find a new camera, when we have the money of course. But I just wanted your opinion

  3. Okay. Well, the first DSLR I bought was a Pentax K200d with an 18-55 kit lens. It was 10.2 megapixels and a good camera. That being said… I did find it hard to take a decent picture with it consistently. Thus the reason I started looking into a new camera! One of the big pros was that it was dust-proof and water-resistant… Pentax is ahead of the game on that in comparison with other camera companies. You could also interchange a WIDE range of existing Pentax lens… which is great if you already have some from a previous SLR. Overall… I just wanted something more. It was lacking some of the features I wanted, and it left me disappointed more times than not.

    BUT – I had no idea what I was doing! None. I expected to just pick up a DSLR and take magazine worthy pictures. Not gonna happen! So, was I expecting too much? Absolutely! Was I clueless? Absolutely! I can’t say it was entirely the cameras fault… but I decided if I could get close to the same amount of $$ that I had into it… than I would sell it and upgrade. And I did!

    These are all just quickly off the top of my head… not scientific in the least!
    Couple of Pros : *Dust and H20 resistant *Built in Shake Reduction *Price. The price made it very reasonable to enter into the DSLR world… that being said…. if you want more out of a camera, than you typically have to pay a bit more to get it. (That is not always true… it is also about LEARNING and knowing your camera and it’s capabilities to the MAX… but generally… if ya want more features, ya pay more $$.)
    Couple of Cons : *Only capable of 1600 ISO. I am shooting in “low light conditions” basically like 75% of the time. (Due to the old house we live in with poor lighting, and Canadian winters taking up like over half the year!) And since I don’t use flash I am having to bump that ISO up quite high a lot of the time just to get a balanced shot. (Am looking at getting a fill flash… which is another pro of Nikon. They have some really really great fill flash options!) My D90 is capable of up to 3200 (or even 6400 at Hi 1)… and the image stays quite sharp, even at high ISO’s. Which is VERY VERY helpful! * No video capabilities * Pictures were usually more dull than I would like with a bit of a bluish tint. Again… I was still learning so maybe my white balance was off (HIGH chance of it actually!) but again… I was just never like wow… I really like this camera!

    Okay… moving onto the camera I have now. I have the Nikon D90 (12.3 MP) with the 18-105 kit lens. Let’s stop here for a second. The 18-105 is WAY WAY WAY better than the 18-55 lens. I made a last minute decision to get that lens instead, and have NEVER regretted it! Way better. Have I said that.. WAY better! So much more versatile and doesn’t leave me hanging quite as much as the 18-55 did. I also have a 50 f/1.8 and a 70-300 lens. All of which are good for different things.

    All and all, I am SO PLEASED with the D90! It has a number of features that I was looking for, video being one of them. I didn’t want to be dragging along another camcorder with us when we went somewhere… and I am pleased with the video quality. They aren’t Hollywood worthy films, but I don’t mind at all... tt serves our purposes nicely! The camera is also SO SO SO user friendly! I can change the aperature, ISO, white balance, and shutter speed in no time flat. Those buttons are just so thought out. (Along with a host of other buttons!!!) I have shot with a Canon (not much, mind you... so I'm not going to open up the Canon vs. Nikon war!!) but I am ALWAYS SO glad to get back to my D90, due to the fact alone that it takes forever to change settings... even when the owner is trying to do it!!

    I am pleased with the picture quality. I am pleased with the image clarity. I am pleased with the continuos shooting speed. Overall I feel like I have an EXCELLENT entry level DSLR, that will allow me to learn on for years to come.


  4. I have had the D90 for a little less than a year and am still so so happy with it! I have never once regretted my decision! I’m not itching to upgrade or switch at all. Ya know… the more I “dive into” this camera (which is SLOW, honestly… with the busyness of two kids and all!) the more I am impressed with it.

    The price was considerably more than the K200d. BUT, I do feel like I got WAY more for my buck… and found a great deal online! Again, I haven’t regretted spending the extra money for a minute!

    The Nikon D90 has a “sister camera” which is the D3000, and many, many reviews I’ve read say that the D90 is way better thought out as far as ease of controls is concerned. The D90 is also more compatable with older lenses too(according to reviews!)

    My advice is *be realistic! Realize that perfect shots (or lack there of in my case!) aren’t up to the camera, they are up to the user! The camera can only do what you tell it to do! * RESEARCH! With the availability of SO many reviews, it’s worth looking and looking and looking before you buy. Ideally I would have bought the D90 first, but I am so pleased that I broke very close to even when I sold the Pentax! So, in hind sight I am glad that I learned something that I wouldn’t have otherwise! * Go hold several cameras and take your time to play with them at the camera store. That’s what sold me on the D90… just playing with it and seeing how much clearer the images were than my K200d! I hadn’t actually considered a Nikon before that experience! * Listen to other photographers advice… and ASK questions! They are usually pretty open with helping you learn, and if they aren’t… than walk away and ask someone else! * Don’t expect your photos to be perfect right away. I fell into the “my pictures have to look just like a professionals pictures” trap and feel like it really set me back and brought on unnecessary frustration! I am just now coming out of it (I hope!) and am excited about the freedom that brings! There is a HUGE learning curve in photography when you switch from a point and shoot to a DSLR. Huge, HUGE!

    I can’t wait to see what you end up with! Keep saving your pennies and selling whatever you can! I had to sell my piano to get my DSLR (the piano and I had never “connected” and we needed a play area for the girls… so it was not too hard of a decision!) but I think it was worth it! And Jon has promised that I can have another piano when we move!!

    Anyhow! I hope you get one soon! And I am blessed that you asked me for advice… thanks!

  5. Oh and by the way... these pics are straight out of the camera with 0% editing. I am quite pleased with the cameras monochrome setting... thought you might be interested to know that!!