Sunday, January 23, 2011

UP, UP, and AWAY

This week has been a little on the boring side for the girls. I have been under the weather since Tuesday and basically my "play time" with them has consisted of laying on the floor and tossing things back and forth every now and then. That was it... that was all the energy I had!

So Friday morning, when Alia suggested we go on an airplane ride... I "cowgirled up" and we had a grand ole time!

First she lined up some chairs in the kitchen (I helped her straighten them a bit... but she wanted 2 in a row... no more, no less!) and then instructed us where our seats were located.

Larren was pretty pleased with both her seat placement (a window seat, no less!!) as well as the reading material provided!

We never heard a complaint out of her!

Alia left nothing out. We were going on a big trip and "all the trimmings" were coming with us! Doodling board, camera, backpack filled to the brim with books, snacks, and a sippy cup...

She was in front... of course... and had several conversations with the "aiwpwane duy", thanking him for the sticker repeatedly. On our last REAL airplane ride we talked to the pilot and Alia was given a sticker... it's amazing how much they DON'T forget!

This airline was even pretty generous with their snack selections, so that made the rating go up a notch or two in my books!

BUT... our "big trip adventure" came to a screeching halt when the trip coordinator realized we weren't actually going on a REAL airplane.

See, Alia must have heard us talking to Jon's mom about flying there for spring break... and to Alia spring break is... well... today!

So after a brief explanation and a call to Gramma, Alia walked away with a smile on her face! (Though I must say, the call to Gramma sealed the deal... my explanation was NOT making any head way!)

And just so you know... we're keeping the "A - word" to a minimum around our house! We still have like 60 more sleeps until our trip west.... and really, the poor girl can't handle anymore airplane heartbreak for awhile!

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