Saturday, December 18, 2010

SNOW Much Fun

Alia loves snow. Larren does not! This has posed a bit of a problem considering our winters are quite lengthy here in the north! But, at the request of her big sister, Larren donned her pink fluffy "marshmallow" suit... and took to the cold!

Slowly but surely Larren started "warming up" to the white stuff and I'm thinking Alia will have her converted in no time!

Alia was determined to give Larren the best ride possible... remember, she had a lot of convincing to do!

She pulled... and pulled...

... but her sister just wasn't buying it!

So we came up with another plan... the classic "put your whole body into it" method!
But... it just wasn't going quite as smoothly as Alia had planned... it didn't help that Larren tried bailing any chance she got!

So I finally convinced Alia to leave the pulling to me, and just walk along, enjoying the sunshine!

We made it to our destination without too many complaints from the sleigh passenger, but those silly horses weren't too interested in any cheery hellos!

The ever determined Alia just wouldn't take "walking along side of Mommy" for an answer!

Larren certainly appreciated the kind gesture!

Alia soon got bored just walking along (or pushing!)... and a couple rocks caught her eye.

So needless to say... her mission shifted gears a bit!

**Side note** You can tell deer season is closed here! The deer are back out in full force... just walking down the street where ever they so desire!

I was quite pleased with how well Larren did in the cold! It gives me hope that maybe... just maybe.. we will be able to get outside some this winter!

Up to this point Larren has made quite a squawk whenever her snowsuit comes in sight!

Maybe her and "Miss. Marshmallow" will be good friends by the time spring rolls around!

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