Wednesday, December 8, 2010


There are many ways to count down the days until Jesus Birthday... but this year we went for an extremely simple, extremely cheap, YET extremely effective method.

The ever popular paper chain!

Alia had fun helping me make it, and she just LOVES opening up a new link after breakfast for the daily activity!

Here are some of the activities that are revealed each day!
- Sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus
- Watch a Veggie Tales movie
- Sing a Christmas song
- Have an indoor picnic lunch
- Make a Play Doh snowman
- Give your sister a hug
- Have a special treat
- Take a snowy walk
- Read a Christmas book
- Go on a drive and look for Christmas lights
- Bake cookies with Mommy
- Have a special treat and share with your sister
- Take a snowmobile ride with Daddy
- Call G&G and tell them "I LOVE YOU"
- Color a Christmas picture
- Go ice skating
- Have a beach day with Mommy and Larren
- Have a piece of ribbon candy

The deer stand watch for those little fingers that would love to pull off five links at a time, or for those that would love to use our advent calendar as a teething toy... the deer are more protective than you might realize! But... if ya feed them mushy banana smeared Cheerios... you've got a friend for life! :)

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  1. creative idea renee. it's fun to think of them growing up with those memories!