Thursday, December 2, 2010

Potty Training Celebration

Alia has surprised us with her potty training "story"... and really, my mom is the number one person to thank for that! (Thanks Mom!) Typically Alia's been more ready than we have been in the whole process and the night time dryness "chapter" was no exception!

We had very little intentions of trying big girl panties overnight until AFTER Christmas... but the other evening she asked US if she could wear them, so why not!

I fully expected getting up in the middle of the night to change wet sheets, and was SHOCKED in the morning when she was dry! So we started a little reward chart to keep the momentum up!

In a matter of a few days, she reached her "special surprise"... and guess who else gets to join in on the fun?!?

That little cuddly giraffe that our family has all come to know and love. Alia didn't stop with just Lukey... she thinks that every blanket and pillow should join in too! I think she will just be so overjoyed that her and Lukey get ice cream that she'll forget about bringing the whole kit and caboodle along!

Hopefully that is... I know don't about your Dairy Queen, but it's not normal to see people with blankets, pillows, and mattresses at ours! We'd SURE get some LOOKS! :)

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