Friday, December 3, 2010

Ready and Waiting

After a sad... tears falling down her face... I miss you and just NEED to see you... phone call to Auntie Betty the other night, Alia was pretty excited to be getting some needed time with her! Alia was ready and waiting by the door with her coat, hat, and boots HOURS before Auntie Betty was coming to pick her up!

I explained... a few times... that it wouldn't take long to put her things on when Betty came, but she wasn't buying it! She didn't want to miss a thing!

And OH MY... what a treat it was, for ALL of us!!

Alia helped make soup and biscuits for supper, then the two of them got wild and crazy in the craft department... let's just say Betty is much braver than I am - glitter and glue make me cringe!
Larren hammed it up and thoroughly enjoyed being the complete center of attention for while!
And Jon and I were shocked and surprised to be reminded of how incredibly easy ONE child is! Goodness, we got some great conversation in... had some time to actually look at each other... enjoyed our supper slower than normal... got a few hugs in - it was an hour of "days gone by" that made me smile!

We were very glad to pick up Alia... and her glitter dove ornaments, her paper flower garden, her foam farm poster, and her colored pictures... but I'll admit, that hour and a half with just one kiddo sure did wonders for my outlook that evening! I can't say for the week or even for the day, because let's just face it... reality can hit pretty hard... but it sure was a huge blessing none the less!

Once again I'm thankful for the people who have stepped in as "family" here... but saddened that our families are missing out on so so much. And that... if we lived in Ohio this would be something that happened on a very regular basis - not just in a blue moon! BUT, before the tears come... I need to remind myself that... we'll be seeing them SOON!!! YiP yIp YiPpEe!!

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  1. when are you guys leaving for the states for Christmas? We're heading home this year and would probably love to get together.