Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Broccoli Heads Up

Okay... so like 99% of you probably know this little tip already, but I only found out about it after Jon and I got married!

When you're cutting up broccoli DON'T throw away the stalk. It really is the yummiest part!

Cut your broccoli florets off as you normally would, then take the stalk part and just hold it so it's "standing up". Cut off each side and throw those away... leaving you with a square piece of the inside part.

Now just cut that part up into pieces...

... and either nibble away, or toss them in with the rest of your broccoli!

There ya go... you're being less wasteful and enjoying the best part!


  1. Jer showed me (our family) that too!! never knew that! :) the stalks are even good raw with dip!:)

  2. Jeannette is full of all these little money saving tips... it's great, I tell ya!! I know... I love eating the stalk raw WAY more than the florets! Yum, yum!!