Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First... First Concert

It's been almost a week since I've blogged? Really? Sorry Gramma and Grampa!!

My absence doesn't mean there's nothing going on around here... there was big news this weekend at the Kreiser house, Alia had her first Christmas concert to participate in!

On Sunday evening she donned her Christmas dress and took to the stage! Ideally she would have sang... but somehow she picked up gum along the way (here's to hoping it was NEW gum, and not gum she found!!!!) and was more interested in chewing than in actually singing! But really... the kids job is to stand there and make all of us "ooh and ahh" about how cute they are, right? It's a hard job but somebody has to do it!!!

The pictures are horrible ("I will bring my tripod next time, I will bring my tripod next time, I will bring...") and we were sitting on the wrong side to get any good shots of Alia - but here they are. Ignore the horrible photographer behind the camera and focus on the cute kiddos in front of it!!

I HATE using the built in camera flash... but drastic times call for drastic measures, and wowsa dark and blurry probably would have been better!!! :)

At any rate... here they are waiting for their big break!

Getting all lined up (kind of!) and ready to begin!

Her "My God is So BIG!" fists!

At this point the singing has been replaced with Wow... look at all those people!

And... What are the other kids talking about?

I'm sorry what was that?

So there you have it!! I'm telling you... the kiddos really were just so super duper cute! They did their job splendidly!


  1. is it too late to tell you that I had my tripod in my van.. at the concert... :S sorry!! I couldn't stop giggling at her.. she was so awestruck by the ammount of people! So sweet!! Love that last pic.. all you can see of Maddex is his hand waving furiously .. "and YOU, and YOU, and YOU... " his favorite part! :)

  2. Too funny Tara!!!!! I never even thought to ask you.... stink! Thankfully the rest of the concert pics turned out lots better!
    Maddex is just the cutest Tara! My goodness! And shhh, don't tell, but I think Alia's smitten with him! Maddex comes up in our table convos quite often!!! :)