Thursday, December 2, 2010

House #10... continued

We still haven't found a new house... and with winter here, it makes our options even more slim. Soooo, as I mentioned, we are doing little things to make this house more manageable.

Jon put up a mirror above the deacon's bench... and it gives a little more dimension to our otherwise very boring square set up!

And he hung up the second row of hooks for the girls jackets. Alia LOVES being able to reach and hang up her coat by herself.

I know, I know... "that's it?!?" you're asking! These are so super minor... but we're trying! I'm already antzy, and a little cranky, about the fact that we're here another winter... so I'm looking on the bright side of things! And those just happen to include a mirror and more hooks! :)

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