Friday, March 19, 2010

Taking Pics Should Be Simple... Right?

All I can say is... there's SO MUCH to learn... and I love it! I feel like a sponge just soaking it all in! I have a grasp (a very weak grasp!!) on the basics but am constantly adding to what I know. I didn't even know my camera had a light metering indicator (or if that's what it's called!), but I do now... and that makes me happy! I am so blessed to have a couple friends with mega photography talent to glean off of. They haven't told me to get lost yet... so I'll take my chances and ask a few more questions!
Hopefully in the future things like THIS won't happen!

As of now my camera is officially on manual and I'm hoping not to turn it to auto again (unless Jon is using it... although he's getting to know the basics too!). In the next few weeks I'm planning on learning a new editing program and ideally these pics will move up a notch. As of now my editing consists of cropping and messing with highlighting and shadows... that's it! In today's world there is just SO MUCH more than that! Isn't this exciting?!?
Now, I just need a little extra dose of creativity... I've never felt quite endowed in that area!

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