Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nothing like a Brisk Stop at the Grill

I know... most people don't grill in the middle of winter. Especially not in Canada where the temperatures are known to be considerably less than friendly. But - when one wants farmer sausage... one must have farmer sausage! And no, no... it wasn't this slightly hormonal mama that had the craving - it was Jonathan! And since he was the chef on that particular day, there was no arguing!

** I forgot to adjust the white balance on my camera, so the pics are pretty bad. Hopefully I'll remember next time... and Alia won't be so blue! **

I was in the other room and returned to the kitchen to find Alia camped on TOP of the table so she could keep a close eye on the supper prep outside.

UGH, I get cold just looking at this picture!

"What's Daddy doing Mommy?"

"Oh... just being friendly to the neighbors hunny!"

Alia must get her snitching honestly... look at this, caught red handed!

Alia has learned that if she taps on the window then Daddy will wave "on demand"! It's her new little game, I guess!

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