Thursday, April 22, 2010

IKEA here we come!

Why, oh why, can't we have an IKEA within a reasonable driving distance? Winnipeg is supposedly getting one, and after visiting IKEA in Calgary (it had been awhile since we'd been to one), I sure hope so!
We didn't spend lots of time there, but I got what I came for... so I was pleased!
Before our shopping excursion we needed to "refuel" with ice cream, hot dogs, and cinnamon buns... though don't worry... no one person consumed all three. Well, except for maybe Alia... but she's cute enough that we'll just overlook that!

Due to miscommunication, Alia got her own ice cream cone... between that, and all the fun things to do there, I think IKEA is ranking pretty high in her books!

She's learning to say "cheese"... can ya tell?!?

Jon wasn't the most thrilled to go to IKEA (let's just say he very much hates cheap quality things!) but upon finding the kids play area, he immediately found his calling for the remainder of our time there!

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