Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easter Morning

Easter morning is always bittersweet. We’re SO THANKFUL for our Risen King, but we’re sad because it’s when the goodbyes come!

Alia was absolutely NOT cooperating for pictures so the first few were a little incomplete!

Alia's tears are barely dry... but she's trying!

And this is the best we could muster this year... maybe next years Easter pics will be a little happier!

Not wanting to pose at all... so once again, this is the best we got!

A few last cuddles...

I know it's not the point nor the focus of Easter... but dressing the girls up on Easter morning sure is fun! Sadly enough Larren's Easter dress was a little on the small side. So - she ended up wearing her dedication outfit again!

Larren really was happy to have Gramma and Grampa visit... she just tends to be more on the serious side of things!

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