Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Baskets

Golly... the girls were flooded with Easter gifts this year! In all honesty... we didn't get them anything...and they are none the wiser! Let's just say the girls are super loved, and they have lots of goodies to "prove" it!
Alia is still too young to realize that she's getting these treats because it's a holiday... but next year we will need to try harder to teach her the true meaning of Easter. Easter eggs, baskets, candy, and bunnies are fun to receive... but our Savior dying and being raised again is why we celebrate, and because of Him we can receive life - which is way better than a chocolate stash!

What a joy to watch Alia do her Easter egg hunt this year! It didn't take her long to realize what the name of the game was! And boy oh boy, the hunt was worth it...

... just look at all that candy!

Shhh, don't tell Alia but Mom and Dad have also benefited from the "hunt"... let's just say her candy stash is not as substantial as it once was!

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  1. We didn't get Katelyn anything either for easter. This is such a great age, that they don't know what they could be missing and it kind of helps when money is tight.