Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Day Downtown

We weren't overly busy (which was nice!) but we managed to do lots while we were out west! One day we headed downtown to check out a number of things.
Jon has wanted to see our brother in law in court for a number of years... and he finally got his chance! No, no... he's not a criminal... he's on the other side! And the particular case we were witnessing that day was a pretty hefty one! I was only able to stay in the court room for a few minutes (they don't take to little girls being noisy, so I didn't want to push my luck!) but was able to get thoroughly confused in short order... and gain more respect for what Matthew does!
Since cameras weren't allowed, this was the only picture I got. Here we are waiting for Matthew to join us in his office, where Arnie is impressing Alia with his drawing skills!

Our first experience on the C-Train...

... but with our trusty tour guide, it was no problem!

Alia met a new friend outside the city hall! She wanted to pet him, but he wasn't the friendliest of geese... he must not be from "Friendly Manitoba"! Okay... I know, that was lame... I'll stop!

Ever since Arnie has entered our lives, we have been enlightened with Bernard Callebaut chocolate. It's the cream of the crop, folks... and mighty expensive to prove it! We decided it was well worth our time to take a tour of the chocolate factory (though there was no chocolate river in this one!)... and I think we all walked away with more of an appreciation for chocolate! The free sample at the end was an added bonus! But no, no... Arnie wasn't satisfied with the free sample - he had to go for the mega of all mega chocolate bars!! Now that's ALOT of chocolate... but mmmmmm, mmmmmm it's good!

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