Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ridin' along

Ahh... I am pretty convinced that spring is here now. It's been a L-O-N-G, and I repeat, L-O-N-G wait! We have really been enjoying the sunshine the last few days! Every evening we toss Alia in the bike trailer and hop on our bikes for a cruise! It's so fun! I am SO SO glad we purchased the bike trailer... and also very glad that we got our bikes for free!
Get this... last night I mowed the WHOLE lawn at one time. Not a big deal to you, maybe, but I've never done that (in my whole life)! I used the new big mower and was done in about an hour! That's amazing! I'm pretty pleased with myself and must say... I admire the straight(ish) lines every time I look out the kitchen window!! I know... I'm such a nerd!
Well (if my lil girl will actually go to bed soon) I'm planning to head outside and soak up the last of the sunshine on the verandah. I'm looking forward to some quiet time and reflection.
I think this kind of weather just forces a person to smile...I love it!

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