Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hopes of Spring

I found these pics getting a tad bit dusty in my "blogging" folder and decided it's high time I share them with you!

A good, ohhhhh month or two back, we were getting a little antsy for Spring (who isn't, by the way!?!) and an afternoon popcorn picnic was just what we needed to boost our day! We had no idea that a month or two LATER we'd still be restless! :)

This was a couple days after Larren's goose egg event...

Those little Tupperware bowls can just be down right annoying at times... the remedy? Head straight to the source!!

Alia had popcorn and Larren had popcorn twists. It worked out well until either's source was depleted!

Dreaming of those summer bare feet days! They have to be around the corner... right?!

Right?!?! Come on... I'm getting a little panicky here!!

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