Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Morning

Wowsers.... it has been a good long while since I've been around these parts! We enjoyed my parents visit this past week and I have LOTS to share from that! But... just to stay somewhat current, here are a couple Easter morning pics of our family. 

Easter is absolutely one of my favorite days of the year. The warm sunshine and chorus of birds singing. The hope that the empty tomb brings. The joy of fresh new beginnings. Sparkly new Easter dresses. Family get togethers. Easter egg hunts. Anticipation of warmer weather around the bend. Ahhhh.... 

The white sweater club :)

And our last picture, as the youngest member of the club officially had ENOUGH... and was attempting to dive towards freedom!!

So that's that! Our Easter morning was a tad bit rushed... we made a big ole' "departure breakfast" and then had to bid farewell to my parents. Sad, indeed. But good that we can scoot off to church as a "distraction!"

Hope your family had a wonderful time celebrating Jesus' resurrection! It's glorious to know that we have a LIVING Savior who LONGS for us... his BELOVED! 

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  1. Oh Renee, how I love to read your creative update. I love the "white sweater club"! So glad also that your Mom & Dad were able to come up to Canada to spend some time with you. What fantastic timing to be able to share your great news with them in person!