Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Apparently April Showers...

... bring lots of snow! At first I was a bit pouty over the white stuff... but it soon dawned on me that more snow equals more snowmobiling, so off we went as soon as Jonathan got home from work!

This is going to reveal a bit of my "nerdiness" BUT... it has always bothered me that instead of having a nice sparkly Christmas card perfect snow covered yard... we have THIS!

The DAY we get enough snow, we have crisscrossing tracks every which way across our property until Spring graces us with it's presence months later!

But.... shhhh, come close.... it was I that made a good number of those tracks yesterday. And... absolutely  enjoyed every minute of it!

I really have found a new joy... it involves a bit of throttle, built in thumb and hand warmers, wearing my Sorels,  following my husband wherever he goes (ALMOST anywhere!) regardless of how crazy I think he is, smiling at Alia's little hoots and hollers as we go faster and faster, beating those crazy grader ridges ride by ride, and smelling like snowmobiles for the rest of the day!

On a sad note... Alia wiped out near Jon's sled yesterday on the "snow mountains" and got a pretty good shiner.

And sadly... with her love of all things motorized... it probably won't be her last!

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