Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dancing In The Minefields

If you haven't heard of the Christian musician, Andrew Peterson, than google him... you're in for a TREAT

I heard his song, Dancing In The Minefields, for the first time this morning on our local Christian radio station and just stopped... amidst the chaos of two dancing/singing little girls in their pajamas with breakfast still to be eaten... to cry. 

I am not the easiest person to live with. I'm a first born, emotional, high stressed, perfectionistic gal who has a hard time when things aren't the way I think they should be. WHAT? No one wants to pack up and move on in with us?!?! :)

Well, earlier this week, I asked Jonathan (for the first time) if he's ever thought of "getting out"... he just stopped and looked at me like I was crazy, then in a split second responded with a confident "no". Honestly... I didn't believe him at first. I thought there's no way it HASN'T crossed his mind.... but, he's in this marriage for the long haul. He loves me for me... even when I wonder how in the world he possibly could.

Then I heard this song... and ... gracious, I've been getting teary eyed all day!

"... and this is harder than we dreamed, but I believe that's what the promise is for. That's what the promise is for."

I pray my girls find a husband JUST. LIKE. THEIR. DADDY. He is one amazing, amazing man.


If you like Andrew Peterson's music than check out this free album download. It's fantastic!!!


  1. Thanks Renee, that was beautiful!


  2. Love love love this new one from AP. I never knew I even like folk(ish) music until I was introduced to him about ten years ago by a YWAM friend. :) He's one of my favorites, and has such an interesting way of telling stories from your own life in some of his songs.
    Anyway- it's nice to see your blog; to connect on another level. Your girls are downright beautiful. How are things with you?