Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Updated Pics... Finally

It's been WAY too long since I've updated the girls "official" pictures. Just ask my mom... she'll tell ya! Gramma's KNOW this sort of thing! :)

So... while Alia was still 2 (for like another couple months!) I decided to take her 2 year picture. And while Larren was still relatively close to 12 months, I thought I better take her 1 year pic before it gets as bad as her sisters! I know, I know...  it's embarrassing.... I should be more on the ball with this sort of stuff. But all I can say is... I'll try!

Today was the day of our long awaited photo shoot, and I now remember why I don't like taking "scripted pics". It just does. not. go. as. planned. EVER! That's okay... we managed to get a few decent ones, our empty frames will be filled, and life will march right on along!

First off... the one year old!

I call this set the "I'm sorry... you're making me do WHAT, when I could be playing?!?!"

And ahhh.... these give you just a GLIMPSE into my world! In one SPLIT second we have grumpy face followed by "be sad for me face". This girl is a hard one to figure out!

Here we have Larren's signature "O" face...

And here we have the "I've been sitting on this chair for how long?" set.

But oddly enough... when asked if she was all done or more... she signed MORE, MORE, MORE for several shots!!!

So after attempt upon attempt... this one will be gracing our living room.

SOLD! We'll take it!

On to the two year old. She had WAY more fun with the whole idea than her younger sib did.


I'm really NOT trying to torture my kids... I promise!

Though they may tell you otherwise!

HERE we go.... Alia's getting the hang of it!

Suddenly she realized she could be watching a Strawberry Shortcake video versus smiling for Mom... and this was the final pose followed by an "I'm done!"

So yup. There ya have it folks... officially updated! It took me a little longer than expected, but that's what I get for saving pennies! Family members let me know which ya want and I'll get them to you. Before 2012... I promise!

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