Sunday, June 16, 2013

Surprise Visitor!

For weeks the girls new that a surprise visitor was coming to see us, but they had no idea who!

Oh I tell ya... what fun to know a secret, but how hard it is to keep it! :)

On the way down to the airport Alia guessed who it was... though I didn't let on that her guess was actually correct!!

We had some VERY VERY excited little ladies when they saw Gramma waving to them outside the airport doors!

This was by far the most relaxing visit (visitor!) we've had! I didn't plan things to do, I didn't plan meals, I didn't clean my house from top to bottom... we just simply enjoyed each other's company!

My mom came with activities that the girls could pick each day, and she managed to spend as much quality time with each girl as possible!

All of us girls got a date with Gramma/Mom and we each got to choose where we wanted to go! Alia chose Dairy Queen for ice cream and a walk at the research centre (a pretty garden type place in our area)... Larren chose an outdoor ice cream shop... Caidrie chose the park and an outdoor snack... and I chose to go a local coffee shop, that to our surprise had completely gluten free cheese cake!! It was fabulous... as was the conversation with my mama!

Mom also got to take in three of Alia's T ball games!



The base "squeaks" when the kids jump on it... so little sister was feeling the need to try it out as well!

Banana oatmeal muffins for breakfast... with chocolate chips added at Larren's request! Caidrie seemed to enjoy them quite well!

As I said, Mom had LOTS of fun activities planned for the girls each day! They couldn't wait to choose their popsicle stick when they woke up each morning!

One activity was a tea party with their favorite stuffed animal on the verandah!

Animal turned into animals rather quickly!

They enjoyed fresh squeezed lemonade... 

... and gluten free animal crackers!

Lots and lots of memories were made during the week Gramma was out. And I learned a thing or two about my mama as well!

She is a really, really good story "maker upper!" The girls have asked me to tell stories like Gramma did and I haven't been able to come close to her creativity!

And... her heart is so, so, big. I knew she was super loving before this... but again, this trip just made me realize it even more! 

We were all super duper blessed by her visit... 

... and again, just going to throw it out there... ya'll are welcome to come by any time! :)

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