Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pinto goes to the Vet

No, no... we haven't gotten a real horse YET... but the kids sure take to this plastic one like it's real. 

They pick "hay" for it from the yard. They tie him up when they are done riding him so he won't run away. They give riding lessons on him, complete with bike helmets for all their students since he's "unpredictable." They cover him with a blanket to keep him warm at night, or to keep the flies off him. They clean his feet and give him cold water baths for his sore knees. You name it... they do it!

But... let's be honest. This horse is UG-LY! Really, I have no idea WHY I've let it stay around our place for the last couple of years. Well, I do know. Two words. One starts with an "A" and one starts with an "L!"

The other day I decided that I had had enough of this sickly horse! I loaded up the girls and we went to town to buy plastic paint... we came home, I put Caidrie down for her nap... and I got to work!

Here is Pinto before his "vet visit." 

(Because the girls told me they didn't want him to be painted, that would mean he was fake. They wanted him to go to the vet for surgery... since that would make him a real horse!)

And here he is after $15 in paint/supplies and a couple hours of painting!

Why oh why didn't I do this years ago?!?!

The vet has given Pinto a clean bill of health and he's now ready for many more years of loving attention from  his three biggest fans!

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