Sunday, June 16, 2013

5 Going on 15

A little while ago our oldest chica turned FIVE! Five... a number that seems so little, yet so big all at one time! She never ceases to blow us away with her maturity, her ability to remember every little detail, her eagerness to learn, and the sweetness of her heart!

Her horsey had given her five helium balloons to wake up to...

... which all the girls promptly went to show daddy. Who was still trying to sleep! :)

Isn't this guy wonderful?! Holding one of the girl's babies while flipping sprinkle pancakes... which he strongly dislikes! Not the sprinkle part... but the pancake part! He worked too many summer at camp and ate more than his fair share, I guess!

We were going to surprise Alia by whisking her away to the city... but a couple days before we realized that it would be more fun for all of us if we just stuck closer to home.

I quickly called Auntie Jer and asked if a horse ride would be okay... and with the confirmed yes... Jon and I set off to plan a day long scavenger hunt for Alia!

All of our gifts (that we buy on clearance through out the year... so it definitely wasn't planned!) worked out well with the scavenger hunt. She would open a gift... and then guess what activity coordinated with it!

She opened her mosaic sticker horse craft set and was excited enough. But when her and Larren guessed the activity that lay ahead, they were bouncing with joy!

Have I mentioned that she really. really. really likes horses?!

And that I said we would never own a horse?

But that we are now starting to consider buying one? Funny what kids will do to ya, eh?

Even her sisters got to go for a cruise, too!

Thanks again Auntie Jer!

We went home and had gluten free macaroni and cheese (a treat for the birthday girl, indeed!) and then "conned" all three girls into taking naps! I enjoyed snuggles with the birthday girl as we drifted off to sleep together, so I would say I was the one blessed with a gift on that round!

After naps we were off to the beach for an afternoon snack. We had the place to ourselves... as you can see!

We haven't had a doughnut since we went completely gluten free in August, and our birthday girl has been asking for one for a couple months. So...

... we got a couple boxes from the health food store and Jon warmed them up at the beach.

Remember my post about him being a possible Canadian redneck... cough cough... it may or may not be more confirmation! :) (One thing we can be certain on... he wants to bless his girls as much as he possibly can!)

The doughnuts were delicious and made for a number of happy campers!

As were were at the beach we noticed that the water tower was leaning... so we decided to drive over and take a look. 

Sure enough, they were taking it down! After years and YEARS of being a visual in Morden, it was time to see it off! Apparently it was supposed to be down earlier that morning, but they ran into complications.

So we waited and watched...

... picked dandelions and practiced grass whistling... 

.. got a closer look and waited some more...

... then all of a sudden... 

... it started going...

... and BOOM!

It was the biggest boom I've heard yet in my life! Almost instantly rust started pouring out... so our viewing quickly came to a halt and we rushed to the vehicle!

But my oh my... what a cool thing to see on Ali's birthday! A little piece of history in the making and something we won't quickly forget!

We joined our "adoptive family" at one of Alia's favorite outdoor places to eat and enjoyed catching up / eating / playing together. With a little ice cream... of course!

They had brought her presents...

... so she opened those...

... we played some more, and then said our goodbyes!

It was such a fun relaxed day! Our birthday girl felt blessed...

... and we got another little chance to tell her/show her how much we love her!

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