Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day Deere Daddy!

For Father's Day this year we did it a little different than in year's past! Typically I have picked out Jon's gift... and the girls have made him a card or something like that. But this year the girls wanted to pick out something for him! So we brain stormed about what he likes... and they came up with something from John Deere! He's always in need of more T-shirts (ha!) so off we went to the JD store for them to pick one out!

Since the gift wasn't very big (and his much bigger gift is coming on his birthday in two days!) we decided to send him on a hunt to look for it.

We made 10 clues that kept him going in and out of the house, around the yard, and down the street to the post box!

The first clue was delivered...

... and it took him to the fridge.

Now on to the four wheeler in the garage!

And back in the house, to look under our bed. And then to the shed.

Into the house again, and a trip to the mail box.

A couple other stops around the house... and he found the gift followed one of his favorite meals for supper!

A fun little way to remind Jon that we're so thankful for him and his desire to serve, love, and protect us!

My oh my... our girls are so SO blessed to have him as their daddy!

And seeing this video in church this morning reminded me of two things...

1 - I too have an absolute amazing daddy


2 - My husband has, and is doing wonderful at, a very important job in the lives of our little ladies!

So here's the video clip... both Jon and I had tears streaming down our cheeks when it was over!

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