Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sleepy Wrap... Alia Style

I ♥ the Sleepy Wrap!! I got it when Larren was a couple months old, after being introduced to it by a friend, and I'm hooked by how comfortable and convenient it is! 

(The "test baby" from our Sleepy Wrap debut, way back when!)

Well... because I'm frugal (and frugality almost ALWAYS wins!) ... I chose to order a simple beige colored wrap. Ya know, so it would suit for future Kreiser kids, regardless of their gender.

A couple things I've learned about beige - while it does match every outfit, it doesn't flatter my already in-serious-need-of-a-tan skin tone. And yes, while it is gender neutral, it's well... too neutral! 

See what I mean?!?

All this to say... I pulled my Sleepy Wrap out of the closet the other day, to day dream about carrying around baby number 3 a bit, and I'm a tad sad that I didn't order pink. Since pink is the official color of choice in our house (if ya missed the announcement then scroll down a little ways)!

I've mentioned the Sleepy Wrap a time or two lately and Alia has taken notice!

Yesterday she snuck Lukey downstairs and was busily stuffing him in her sundress. Since this is rather odd behavior I asked her what she was doing.  She was putting Lukey in his Sleepy Wrap, of course! She walked around, hands free, doing her "chores" for an hour or so!

So there ya have it... pink or beige, it doesn't matter! If all else fails I'll take Baby Wearing 101 from my first born expert!

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  1. Hey Friend! Have you looked at different dyes for your sleepy wrap? I know you checked out fabricland, but what about walmart, or dying it with tea? It might take a heck of a lot of tea, but who knows? Or what about tie dying it? Could be kinda neat? Just some ideas.