Monday, July 4, 2011

Remember this Picture?

The one announcing our precious baby three...

Well... it looks like we made a mistake!

Having blue AND pink M & M`s might have been misleading. So we decided to confess and let you know that the package should have contained all PINK ones instead!! :)

Looking forward to meeting our beautiful baby girl in November!!


  1. Must be something in that water! My mom, grandma and aunt all had three girls. Having gone to Grey Miller's b-day party yesterday, I'm glad for girls. Then we don't have to buy swords, guns and transformers to play with. Would much rather have dress up and tea parties :)

  2. Haha! I knew you were from a family of all girls, but didn`t realize that both your Gramma AND your Auntie had a full house of pink too! How fun!

    Without this sounding... well, bad... I totally get what you`re saying!!!! We have a NUMBER of friends with boys, and granted each kid is different... I am just SO GLAD to be having all girls! Yeah, we have extra drama (all ready!) and the occasional girly screams... but I am more okay with that than rough housing, bullying, etc. (Again, some boys are more sensitive and gentle than others!) I hear ya... give me dolls over transformers ANY day of the week!

    Our girls have been into snowmobiles, trucks, four wheelers, and motorcycles since their first ride... and I worked along side of my dad on vehicles LOTS during high school (it`s how I made extra $$)... so I have no doubt that our girls will be ``well rounded!``

    Our friends (with 2 grown girls) said the other day ``You can do so many more activies with girls. There are limitations on boys. If a boy were to play dolls, dress up, or do girly things... there`d me some questions asked. But if a girl rides a dirt bike, gets her hands dirty, or wants to drive a tractor... no problem!!`` They were basically telling Jonathan... girls can do ``anything`` a boy can do! Maybe minus, the whole peeing while standing up thing! :)

    It`s been a bit of a shocker for us (I totally thought we were having a boy!) but the more I think about it, the more freedom I feel! We already have girls. We ``know`` girls... and I`m SO EXCITED to welcome one more to our clan!!!