Friday, July 22, 2011

On the Road Again...

Jon's '47 Chevy pick up truck has been on the road for awhile now. This truck was his dad's and it's a project Jon's been working on over the past couple of years. 

Needless to say he's quite pleased to be using it as his daily driver! And I assure you, he's not the only one excited about it! 

There are a couple of little girls who ask, REGULARLY, to cruise the "circuit!" And by "circuit" I mean the 3 streets that go through our small community! :) The neighbors are used to seeing us drive round and round... in a variety of vehicles... with either Larren or Alia manning the wheel!

Surprisingly (to me at least!) this ole' green truck has proved to be quite trustworthy! She may not look the part, but she's always taken Jon or I (... that's right, I drive it every now and again too!) from point A to point B then back again! We may not be able to hear when we actually get back to point B (she's a tad loud!) but at least we get there! Jon even drove it to and from Winnipeg daily for a couple weeks without a hitch!

While the girls and Daddy love driving it... I've discovered a thing or two:

Yes, it's a cool truck... but the luxuries of my Expedition are pretty hard to beat!

And yeah, it catches peoples attention every where it goes... but the coolness factor is all but lost when I'm driving it! My husband waves to EVERYONE, so when I'm driving his truck I feel like I should at least wave to, oh ya know, HALF the population or something! But every time I wave I can almost HEAR them whispering "Huh... wonder why she's driving her husbands truck?" Cause surely they know this one doesn`t quite fit me!

Give me an old CJ or a 60's Ford Bronco and I'm all in! :) But for now... I'll pretend I don't hear their whispers and putz along... cool or not!

** When the light is right the truck and I will have an official photo shoot. For now, you get the idea! **


  1. I can't wait for the photo shoot! I thought the last pictures you took of it were AWESOME!!!! I'd LOVE to have a photo shoot with it too! :)

  2. You're welcome to come and join me!!!!! :)