Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My First Wedding...

... to photograph, that is!

Here are just a COUPLE pictures of the wedding I shot last Friday. I`ve said it before, and I`ll say it again... this is only for fun! I have no desire to be a ``professional photographer`` and anyone who is one, can see that I am not!!

That being said... I learned a whole pile of things about posing...

... lighting shifts...
(or should I say the sad reality that lighting does shift, and how dramatically a shot can be ruined when it does!)

... to control and make sure the exposure and white balance are correct IN CAMERA...

and that wedding photography is a whole lot harder than people may realize!

I asked my friend Tynille to second shoot with me... and she not only took some GREAT pics, she also helped me stay organized and decide where to place everybody!

(*photo taken by Tynille*)

We were in the midst of a SERIOUS time crunch, so I wasn`t able to get nearly all the pics I wanted to of the bride and groom... but we were still able to get several regardless.

(*photo taken by Tynille*)

(Flowers by Heide`s Florist )

The wedding and reception were held at a nearby hotel and it was just gorgeous! 

Though I have to say... low light situations make for QUITE a challenge!! A fill flash is officially on my Christmas list now!

All in all... it was nice to have people who WANTED their pictures taken (versus my girls... who simply want to play and not have Mommy hounding them with a lens!) and once again, I learned A LOT

So there ya have it.... be kind... I`m just a newbie! :)

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