Thursday, July 14, 2011

Now, THAT'S a marshmallow!

Our adopted family (and neighbors), Ron and Betty, invited us over for a birthday bonfire the other night. We weren't going to be home until later, but decided to drop in for a "quick" visit anyhow. (Which, by the way, our visits never seem to be quick! We usually end up staying WAY past the girls bedtime!) After hugs and kisses the girls spotted the food table and did a quick survey of the goods! It was then that they spotted the biggest marshmallows their little eyes had ever seen (and the biggest marshmallows their mama's eyes had ever seen!). 

The skies parted and the setting sun cast a lovely glow over the bag... the girls were in their glory!

This here marshmallow was like the size of 8 regular ones... seriously!

Larren wasn't detoured... she downed the whole kit and kaboodle!

In her defense... she did offer to share. Maybe it was the sticky, slobbery fingers that detoured others from partaking in the massive glob of sugar!

The marshmallow (or should I say, 8 marshmallows) was then followed up by a piece (or two!) of birthday cake, milk, cherries, and a bite (or two!) of oey goey cinnamon roll! First came the inevitable sugar high, followed by a sharp energy drop, loud departure protests, and finally the sight of two sleeping beauties sawing logs only 10 seconds after their heads hit the pillow!

And visions of massive marshmallows danced in their heads... :)

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  1. Someone brought those camping with us. They were the biggest marshmallows I've ever seen. Katelyn enjoyed them when she got them.