Monday, July 26, 2010

Throw and Repeat

Alia and Avery, my parent's lab, are pretty much best buds. Alia leads Avery around the yard...bosses her around, then gives her hugs... plays "fetch" with her... gives her doggie treats... and best of all (in Avery's mind, at least) throws Avery's ball into the pond. That last one may sound simple but it's really quite the process!

Step 1 - Make the trek out to the pond

Step 2 - Say "Stay Awey. Stay. Stay Awey."

Step 3 - Throw the ball as hard as humanly possible

Step 4 - Be careful not to fall off the dock in pure excitement over seeing Avery jump into the water

Step 5 - Avoid getting drenched as Avery makes her way out of the pond, and straight to the throwers (or photographers!!!) side, to shake all the water off!

Step 6 - Repeat. Again and again and again!

1 comment:

  1. This is a daily exercise for our dog too and she's also a black lab. Everytime Arlan goes off the high dive at our pond....Charcoal jumps in after him. Almost on top of him. Man's best friend!! Cute pictures!!