Saturday, July 17, 2010

By The Way...

... we made it. I don't think I ever mentioned that WE'RE IN OHIO! We had a wonderful, wonderful trip. It went WAY better than I ever thought it would go! The girls were fabulous travelers, and I even managed to drive a bit while Jon caught some shut eye! It took us a little longer to get home than usual... 22 hours... but we drove straight through, we can only drive so and so fast! :)

And, as you can imagine... the girls are getting spoiled!

Larren is getting held by everyone who sees her... and getting tons of hugs and kisses on a minute by minute basis!

Alia plays and plays from sun up to sun down. There's never a dull moment... there's just SO MUCH stuff for her to do! Just in case she would happen to have a moment to twiddle her thumbs... my parents got her a few "treats" to keep her occupied...

She couldn't wait to try out the new pool... she went right in in cut offs!

Then we opted for a bathing suit

The pool even came with 6 cute little blow up fish!

Here is her surprise of all surprises... the "jumping bean", as she likes to call it!

At first she was in a bit of shock...

But she recovered quickly!

Gramma joined in on the fun too!

I'll keep ya updated, of course, but as ole' Dorothy would say... there's no place like home!!!

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