Monday, July 19, 2010

Larren and Beer Update

Whelp... just got back from the Dr. and the treatments that we did last week for Larren's milk, egg, and rice allergies worked great! She didn't react to any of those things at the appointment today, but we did a few more tests for sugar, pollen, mold, etc. and she does have a mild allergy to pet hair! Just one more reason not to have a pet in the house, I guess!!

The Dr. did confirm that she's teething... which would explain why we've had a cranky baby the last couple of nights! All in all, I'm pleased with how she's doing (now that I know she's teething and not reacting to the foods I'm eating!!) and am SO glad we found these things out before they got worse!

As for beer... well, not so grand! I had an outbreak of hives (which I've NEVER had anything remotely close to in my life!) so we checked today at the Dr. and sure enough, I'm allergic to beer! It's a good thing I've never been too fond of the stuff! I'm going to continue taking herbs and would like to nurse Larren as long as possible... within reason!

Hopefully the drama is done and we can carry on as "normal" from here on out!

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