Tuesday, July 13, 2010


HOORAY!! We just got back from the Dr. and we have EXCELLENT news.

Even from a couple of days old (she's 2 days old in this picture!) Larren has been a considerably more difficult baby than Alia was. Gassier, fussier, etc. etc. People just said "Oh, all babies are different." and left it at that. Even our Dr. in Canada said that Larren was too young to run any tests, so if there was a problem we'd just have to wait until she was at least a year old to find it. He obviously didn't know how much my girl was crying and we looked for other routes. We made an appt. with my parents Chiropractor/Holistic approach Dr. for as SOON as we got home! And.... we were right.

Larren isn't just a "fussy baby"... she is allergic to milk, rice, and eggs. I had figured out the milk part, but had been drinking rice milk in place of cows milk... which only made things worse. Jon had suspicions of the rice allergy due to her being extra fussy after starting her on rice cereal a few days ago.

She had a treatment for these allergies and last night was the FIRST night that she went to sleep without a whole bunch of fussing before hand. She was practically asking to go to bed on schedule... and slept like a rock... AMAZING!! With the treatment I am able to eat rice, milk, eggs, etc. etc. without her reacting to it. And she shouldn't have problems with these foods in the future.

We're going back to Dr. Needler in a week, so we'll see how Larren does in the meantime! I can't even tell you how much hope this gives me! I'm praising God for a Dr. that is willing to dig a little deeper and asking that He will restore the months that were "lost" due to so much frustration, weariness, and hopelessness. I'm so excited to have our daughter "back"... we only saw glimpses of what she was like before, and even over the last day we're seeing HER, not a cranky babe. I love it!!

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  1. That is super Great! I'm so happy for you guys that you had someone to go to and get some much needed answers! And she'll grow out of those allergies, In Jesus Name!