Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kitties, Kitties, Kitties...

... they are always on Alia's mind! She can't get enough of them... but there's no way we are bringing one home, so we'll just clear that up from the start!

Anyhow - now that I have that off my chest... Alia just LOVES visiting the neighbors kitties (and I love that they are the neighbors, not ours!!). From the very beginning she knew how to hold them so they wouldn't get away... whether they wanted to be held or not didn't matter to her!

Even though I'm not a cat lover (can ya tell?!) I still kinda feel bad for the little guys. They don't have a chance when Alia's around! She will find them, cuddle them until they can hardly breathe, then toss them on the ground in search of the next one!

- This pic is a mere second before Alia tripped and landed on top of the kitty... which I'm pretty sure is worse than a toss!

But she really does try to be gentle... so for that I'm thankful! Plus she looks so gosh darn cute when she's carrying one across the yard! And if her birthday were coming up I would even throw her a "kitty themed" birthday party. So see... I'm encouraging her loves of cats... I really am!!!!

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