Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wisconsin Wonderland

My super thoughtful husband had the wonderful idea of going to Ohio for Christmas this year!! We hadn't been back home for the holidays in 6 years, so it was most welcome!

Ex...cept... for the LONG drive!!

Thankfully Jon had that all thought through too! Meet in the middle for a break, and then continue driving from there!! So... we met Mom and Dad in Wisconsin Dells for a couple nights and enjoyed the big waterpark at our hotel, their little mini amusement park, and included snow tubing! 

Can you believe that our youngins have never been snow tubing before?!? I blame it on the fact that it's SO cold here!!!

At any rate... it was a highlight of our weekend!

Jon and Alia in fierce competition!

Okay, maybe not fierce... but awfully fun! :)

And this trio was fast on their heels!

Larren definitely had the best seat in the place! She never even had to get out of her tube if she didn't want to...

... Grampa would just pull her over to the "hooker upper pulley thinger" (my technical term!)...

... and they'd be ready for another run!!

The weather was CRAZY warm (compared to what we left behind!) so it was a bit odd to look out and see this!

"Homemade" snow! 

I told Jon maybe... just maybe... if we had a set up like this... I'd be a winter person!!! He wasn't convinced! :)

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