Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Saturday Special

A Saturday with absolutely nothing going on? Yes, please!

I love those kind!

It's becoming a regular occurrence around these parts, for quite some time now... that on Saturday mornings Jon and I are treated to breakfast made my our little lovelies!

This particular morning I said "How about no pancakes or waffles!?!?" (since there is usually a hefty mess that follows... and I'm cleaning up till noon!) ... So the menu was fruit and sugar cereal instead!! 

Jon has taught the girls to make faces or fun pictures when arranging food on a plate... so a "cheeky smile face" greeted us this past Saturday! Made completely by Larren!

Know what Alia's new specialty is?!

2 cups of coffee just for mama! :) Mmmm, what a great smell!

(See what a hit your coffee cup is Auntie Erin?!?!)

The girls had some much anticipated time on their snow mobile! It's either been too cold, or not enough snow to get it out much this winter... so they were PUM-PED! 

Even Larren took a turn. She's growing up... and doesn't gun it as soon as her toosh hits the seat! She's becoming quite responsible!

All in all... a good, relaxed Saturday! 

And we're only a couple days from another one! YAY!!

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