Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ho Cho Break

I had a hankerin' for a vanilla spice chai latte this afternoon.. which sounds fancy but is really just a powder that I mix with hot water :) and invited Caidrie to join me. (Larren had better things to do, like groom her plastic horses hair!!)

Caidrie whole heartily agreed! She picked her cup...

... picked her special blend (we're stocked... it's winter in Canada, after all!!) ...

... then waited and WAITED for the chocolaty goodness to cool down!!

And it was at this moment, that I decided I've missed this! I've missed the little every day details that go unnoticed unless I make the EFFORT to NOTICE THEM!!!

The white gripped knuckles... and the big girl cup.

The wild voluminous hair (passed down from her mama!) ...

... her long coveted eye lashes!

And the way she thinks that EVERY proper cup of hot chocolate needs to be drank with a straw!!

Good to the very last drop!

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